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Custom content management systems that make it easy to update your website..



ScratchCMS is our own custom built Content Management System. We offer ScratchCMS as a tool that can be integrated with your website so that you can easily update your content. With ScratchCMS, you have complete control of your site, and don't need to rely on us every time you want to make a change to your website.

We are a custom development company, as such, the products we offer are not out-of-the-box solutions. This means that you get a tool that makes sense for your particular website. We don't want you to have to try and fit your website into your CMS, it should work the other way around. This is our whole philosophy actually, life is better when your software is based on your business, rather than your business being based on your software.

ScratchCMS starts at Low cost as per client requirement. There are many customization options available so that it can fit your exact needs, but the basic list of features is here:

Rich text editing

No need to learn HTML, however we support HTML as well if that's your thing

Instant updates to your live site

Secure management site

Programming is based on industry standards, i.e. non-proprietary and secure

All source code is included!

Additionally, here are some of the customization options we have performed for our clients:

Custom templates for specific pages

Dynamic navigational menus

Custom URL rewriting (big SEO feature)

Custom meta title, keyword, and description fields

Multiple levels of admins so that certain employees can only update certain pages

and much more!




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