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We've created numerous custom e-commerce websites for all types of clients in all types of industries. We've done it so much that we decided to bundle the e-commerce software functionality into a product called Scratch E-Commerce.


E-Commerce cart software has the following features:

Product Catalog with ability to perform the following:

o Hierarchical category structure with parent categories and child categories.

o Set meta, page title, and custom URL names for product and category pages (this helps with SEO).

o Add products to multiple categories to maximize exposure.

o Set a custom sort order to your categories.

o Set a custom sort order to your products within each category

o Create individual SKUs for colors and sizes.

o Manage inventory on a per product basis, with the ability to allow. backordering or not when an item is out of stock.

o Upload multiple images per product for separate thumbnail, detail, and zoom images.

o Set cost, price and sale prices for each of your products.

o Disable products so you can remove them from the website without having to reenter the information again when you want to add it back.

o Set up Featured products and Specials so they show up on the home page.


Robust and secure front end checkout processing with the following features:

o Interactive shopping cart to adjust quantities and update the subtotal.

o Apply a discount code in the shopping cart to see how the total adjusts.

o Ability to skip the Shipping address page if the billing and shipping are the same.

o Can remember previous addresses from prior orders.

o Intelligent shipping rate calculations based on the rules you enter in your admin site.

o Final Review page to allow the customer to make changes and see their final total with tax and shipping prior to completing their purchase.

o Credit /Debit Card transactions are completely secure using Payment gateway (requires purchase of gateway like cc Avenue, PayPal etc.).

o Sensitive information is encrypted at field level in the database.


 E-commerce Web Software Content Management System (CMS) with ability to perform the following:

o Add your own content (text and images) to your home page whenever you want.

o Add content to the category pages above or below your product listings.

o Easily add new pages to your site whenever you need to.

o No HTML experience necessary.


Complete order processing and fulfillment functionality with ability to perform the following:

o Be notified via email for every order that gets placed.

o Can set if users Credit / debit Cards are charged when the order is placed or when the order is shipped.

o Update the order quantities and totals after it has been placed.

o Ship the entire order with 1 tracking number, or ship each line item separately with separate tracking numbers.

o Easily create refunds or voids right from the order processing screen.

o Send out order status updates when the status changes, i.e. from Placed to Shipped.

o Add order notes to each order so you can keep track of changes to the order.


Mailing list features include the following:

o Ability to set up one or more mailing lists.

o Can be implemented using an email field as part of a general newsletter signup area, or as a checkbox during checkout to be prompted to sign up for the newsletter.

o Can view the email addresses for each mailing list in the admin site.


Additional admin site features include the following:

o Discount codes by dollar amount or percentage. You can also choose to allow discount codes to be used once or multiple times.

o Integration with Authorize.Net, the leading Credit/Debit Card gateway company. (Other gateways can be easily substituted).

o Shipping rate set up using real time rates for weight based shipping or flat rate setup for value based shipping.

o Tax rates can be set up by state, zip code, or zip code range.

o Complete control of your customer accounts with ability to change their email address or reset their password, etc.

o Order reports including inventory, orders, and products.


Additional front end site features include the following:

o Keyword or part number searches to make your items easier for people to find.

o Hierarchical navigation that matches your category structure with parent and child categories.

o Customer "My Account" section for customers to modify their billing and shipping addresses and view order history.


We can customize the features so they fit your website design, or we can design a new e-commerce software solution for you too!




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