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Think Plan and Go!

Custom websites and custom business apps aren't just what we produce, it's who we are...



Custom web development is our passion, our existence. We are passionate about developing custom websites for Indian businesses and creating new experiences online. With a custom web development solution, the sky's the limit when it comes to the functionality you can include in your project.

Custom web development is the foundation of our business. We are programmers, not only designers. This helps us fit better with many businesses that already have in-house designers or those that are already happy with their current designer. Or, in some cases you might be currently searching for a new designer in Kharagpur, Asansol, Kolkata or the surrounding areas. 

So if you're looking for any custom web development work in India, take a look at our custom web design portfolio for some great samples of our work. We create high end websites with sophisticated custom features that you just can't get in a Wordpress site or some other pre-fab type of web platform. Our sites are scalable, intuitive, and built to last. Our clients have been with us for years, and keep us in going with over 80% of our business coming from existing clients.



Custom Public Facing Websites

Custom Business Applications/Software


Types of Projects

Our projects typically fall into one of 2 categories:


Custom Public Facing Websites

We build, host, and maintain custom, public facing websites for our clients. Typically, these are the more complex sites such as custom e-commerce, custom social networking, custom membership websites, custom video sharing websites, custom dating websites, and the like. All of our public website projects go through our custom web development process to ensure we deliver the highest quality product that meets industry standards for quality and usability. With a Business Edge custom website, you can be sure your website will be quick to load, easy to use and thoroughly tested.

Custom Business Applications/Software

Most commercial software for business is built "for the masses". The thought behind commercial software is that you are running your business the same way as every other business in your industry. This is how large commercial software companies make their money, by building software that can be used by large numbers of companies. But if your company is different, then most likely you need your software to suit the needs of your business (not the other way around).

Our custom business applications are built for your business, period. We do not take your custom software application and resell it to your competitors in New Jersey or otherwise. All of the software applications we build are owned 100% by you, and you are free to transfer it, sell it, expand it, or just continue to use it internally.

Additionally, the custom business applications we build are usually web based unless you request otherwise. This gives you the flexibility of accessing your custom business application from home or on the road, from a smart phone or tablet or notebook.

A custom web application has the following benefits:

Centralized and reliable data storage

Familiar interface to all employees

Multiple security options to keep your application safe and secure.

Multiple web development hosting options, either on your own server or on our servers.

Completely custom features and functionality. If you can dream it, we can build it

Our senior project managers are also business analysts, so they can analyze your business and help design the perfect application for your business. We are also highly experienced in user interface design, and we can create an interface that is easy to use and quick to load.




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