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Why Scratch Creation for Your Custom Graphics Designing & Web Application Development?


Why choose Scratch Creation as your custom web application development company? Of- course this is ultimately the question you need to answer. There are many web application development companies out there and each one of them will tell you that they are better than the rest. 

Scratch Creation Services & Technologies is different because we don't try to sell you on things that don't make sense. When we propose something to a client, it's because we've been thorough in thinking it through, discussed it internally and ultimately feel it makes the most sense for you. We don't suggest expensive web solutions to people because we want to make a profit. In fact, we usually tell our clients to develop things in phases, smaller chunks that are more manageable and less expensive. There's nothing worse than spending Huge amount to create a custom web application only to find out that your users aren't interested in using the site the way you intended, forcing you to make major changes. We do our best to mitigate these types of scenarios and give you the best advice we can. After all, our ultimate goal is for you to succeed because this is how we measure our own success. 

The key to our success is your success. By far, the vast majority of our business comes from referrals, and this has kept us busy for the past year and we are still growing. 

Here are our project terms. If you are shopping around, please compare these points with our competitors:

We do not maintain ownership of the custom web application development code we write. The code is 100% rights free and you are free to transfer it, update it, copy and paste it, or whatever else you want to do with it. 

We should be able to develop a website for you where you do not need to call us whenever you need to make a change to the content of the site. The management sites we create are intuitive and user friendly, and allow you to maintain site content yourself. Of course, we are always here if you need anything, but you shouldn't feel "tied" to us every time you need to make a change on your site. 

We offer a lifetime bug-free guarantee. This means that if you ever find a bug, we will fix it free of charge. There is no time limit on this guarantee. The only restriction is that this guarantee does not apply to code that has been modified after delivery.

We do not outsource any work to offshore countries. We believe this is not a good strategy for us as an Indian company, not for our clients. Outsourcing work to foreign countries can be difficult because of language barriers and time differences. When you call us, you will usually get right through immediately to a live person who speaks clearly and is ready to help you.


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